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BPO Tactical was created to help people be responsible gun owners and Americans. It doesn’t matter to us if you have sworn an oath to your country or community or just want to be able to protect you and your loved ones, we want to be a part of keeping you proficient and safe. 

Corey Adamski

Corey is an Executive Officer for a Fire Department located in Southwest Florida. Before being promoted to a Chief Officer Corey worked as a Lieutenant Paramedic on a ladder truck. He has worked in numerous specialties in the Fire Service including;

Hazardous Materials 

Technical Rescue

Tactical Paramedic

Corey has worked with a local SWAT Team since 2015 primarily as a tactical paramedic. He also is trained as a breacher, explosive breacher and has successfully completed Sniper School. 

When not working with the Fire Department and SWAT Team, Corey is a competitive shooter and instructor. 

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